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I Will Paint You A Rainbow

I Will Paint You A Rainbow
By: ~L

If your rainbow becomes lost
I shall paint one for you in the sky

I will pull out my ladder
Use a magical brush
Paint you your hope
And bring to you love so lush

When skies are gray
and your moments are sad
I will passionately pray
For a promise to be made

You told me yesterday
“I’m your hope mommy”
And today I tell you,

You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear how much I love you
Please don’t take my rainbow away

There will be days when you too
Will feel your rainbow has disappeared
I will be there through and through
To be your artist in the sky
To give ‘my reason’ a hopeful view

For my beautiful little girl who I call ‘my reason’

Poem Read by: ~L with a song to her little girl at the end.

Feed The Faith ~ Starve The Doubt

          Feed The Faith ~ Starve The Doubt

Light of Life

I know this last enduring flame may show some kind of hope…
But the binding fear and secret gloom
Have cast their deadly shadow

Amongst the darkness of sorrow and disbelief
Joined with solitude she’s left there to cope
She stores in her depth a morsel of hope
Yet it does not release this elevating grief

Feed the faith
Starve the doubt

The Hands of Time

The Hand Of Time

I have demons screaming in my mind
Ghosts of past haunting present time

My soul seems to be in a bind
and prayers have been denied
Oh, how I tried to trust…
To be faithful and not blind
This body has been too abused
And the night has been consequently unkind

Courage has been declined
My whole life has been entwined within
an atrocious crime
The clock has chimed
This one last time

Is there any way to unwind
The hands of time?

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I choose to believe in hope

Despite sorrow
and troubling times

I desire to persevere
through the fear
the past
the hurt
And the darkness that rears

With the Spirit of God
and His light that
continues in grace
As He leads me towards glory
It’s this faith I must embrace

Loneliness may set in
Spoken words seemingly null
Yet, today I was reminded that in the stillness of solitude
Despite complexity and
setbacks in achieving victory

I choose to believe in hope

In this seclusion of silent chaos
I must allow my spirit to grieve
It is in that realness where I shall achieve
I ought not let such darkness deceive
Why have I been so naive?
The true touch of God
I must believe

In my perseverance
I understand the urgency to press on with
the firmness of truth
and the determination
to overcome

In the void of harmonies…
The loneliness of absent camaraderie’s…
The sorrows of yesterdays…
I shall remember this is not a new song

I choose to believe in hope

There will be a day
when His glory will slay
that dreadful sorrow
void – negated
Loneliness – betrayed
And darkness forever desecrated

We have tasted glory
Felt the warmth of heaven’s luminosity
Let us not neglect
the old, old story
when light was spoken
and darkness divided

Even in the pressing void
Flooded sorrow’s
and distressing loneliness we feel…

Death has not overcome
Darkness has not won
The light has not been defeated
Not all has been deleted
Truth has become
Because of the Son

In this world we will have trouble
But take heart
Our Creator has said
“I have overcome the World”

I choose to believe in hope

So I shall have a steadfastness to keep on despite difficulty
Keep hope in the delays
of achieving success
I will have a continuance
in a state of grace
Leading finally to a state of glory
As it’s humbly embraced

When the fullness of light
meets the dark in it’s final hour
Darkness will cower
tremble at the sound of victory
and surrender it’s tower

Oh what a splendid day that will empower
With determination and courage I shall persevere awaiting that hour

I choose to believe in hope