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Get through it as fast as we can…

My famous words have been “I just need to get through this quick… I don’t have time to feel this way”

I have to stop saying this and just know that there is a HOPE…

One of my favorite posts that I read from someone’s blog was about dealing with the all the layers in our life.  I asked him this question: ”  How do you not get stuck in a layer… or how do you stay on the last one”?  Is it ok to  forget one exists?

His response was this:  “I think the key is accepting that they are all there – understanding that life is designed to be that way. Remembering that God is present in every layer and knows about each one.”

How true that is… And a bit confusing…

God sees us through all the layers of our lives, why do we put  masks on cretin layers? .   We tend to try going through the motions as quickly as possible. Well, that is what I have been doing for a while now.   First I tend to hide them…. even from God.  And second if I do accept a layer that is hard to deal with, I want to quickly go past it… that is not how it works…. Slowing down and doing it right this time is going to be important for me to grasp….

I try and escape to a place of comfort and hope… as QUICKLY as possible!  And a lot of times that is not running to God for hope and comfort… so all those temporary fixes…. ya, probably not going to do the trick…  they are only going to last so long until the next thing that makes it feel better comes along….  We all have them… the things that makes the hurt go away for awhile… our yummy chocolate, TV, food, alcohol… whatever it may be, we all have our own addictions.   I want to be addicted to TRUTH… HIS Truth… HIS Love, HIS HOPE!  This world does not hold the hope I need. It is in Him that the world needs to seek their HOPE.


** please take the time to listen to the song I attached, it is so worth the 4 minuets!

I need you Jesus! Come to my rescue!