Part III

Why He’s real to me. How I believe in a loving God that ‘seemed’ to never really love me at all? (Part III)

I can’t explain why I still trusted God throughout all of that… I just did. I couldn’t deny the reality of this God because I was mad at Him. I couldn’t deny His realness because I didn’t understand. I am too tired to get all scientific and theological with you. I am not wired that way. I do have a few friends on the other hand that are. So if you really need science and theology to prove it to you; I can send them your questions. I’ve asked them many!

I learned that love is a choice. Not everyone had to choose to love my God. I learned that love never fails. WHAT?!? LOVE NEVER FAILS? WELL THEN WHY IN THE WORLD IS MY GOD FAILING ME NOW IF HE LOVES ME SO MUCH????? I was a child!!! Love is a choice? Yes, love is a choice… not everyone chooses love. We were giving that choice of free will (more words but not now). Not everyone is going to want to love and do good. People choose not to love me. They choose to do evil things to me. They chose over and over and over again to steal my ability to even think. Time and time again they chose not to love me but time and time again my ‘friend’ never left my side. These monsters chose to hurt me because I live in a world were evil wants so bad to steal our souls away from God. They want to cloud our judgment on what is real by throwing lies in our face everywhere we go. I didn’t need science to prove when I feel and see the evidence of my ‘friend-God’ —> READ MORE

One response to “Part III

  1. I do not feel there is anythign wrong with litsewrng with God or expressing your side of the story. David did this throughout the Psalms. There are times in our life when we do not understand why God will allow something to happen, but He allows it because He knows we are able to handle the consequences. It is never easy, but in the end I believe if we handle it with God’s plan in mind our character and life can be sharpened. I encourage you to never forget the memory of Melody because she will always be a part of your lives. There will always be a part of her in your lives and someday you will be reunited.

To all that let me know your thoughts... I appreciate each one. Thank you for reading all my Untitledmoments. ~L

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