This Shell We Borrow

some of us –
we never were given the chance to grow up with her.
We see a stranger when we look in the mirror.
We see a girl who covers her sad eyes with pretty colors to disguise-
then blushes some pink to disguise the tears… to look alive

but none from us…
we were never aloud to cry.

Not even worth a goodbye…

And off she goes… fighting for her tomorrow;
It doesn’t take her long to hide the sorrow.
While we remain in today,
stuck within this shell we borrow.


11 responses to “This Shell We Borrow

  1. poignant write -very good

  2. This is very profound. It really resonates with me – the hidden sorrow. I love the line “this shell we borrow”. Riveting.

  3. Love this. Emotion charged.

  4. unevenstevencu

    Hi, did you mean aloud versus allowed on purpose? Guess I’ll assume you did. tomorrow sorrow and borrow at the end provide a nice rhythm and sound to the meaning:-)

  5. hypercryptical

    Beautifully crafted.

    Anna :o]

  6. Just coming by to let you know I’m missing you, Layla. The intensity of your pain over the past several months has been clear as you have written, sung and created videos to tell your story. I hope the sunshine is beginning to break through, that you see rainbows that remind you of God’s goodness, and that laughter emerges out of the tears. I know your other readers want the same for you.

    You continue to fight a courageous fight of healing so you can live fully as the beautiful person God wants you to be. Someday you will look back, as you stand on the mountaintop of hope, and know that in spite of it all this journey has been worth it because it has given you experiences to draw on to support others that most of us will have never come to comprehend. And you will proclaim from that mountaintop, “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.”

    Hugs xoxo

    • Oh, so many words! Thank you for your unconditional support! You are my most dedicated reader and have become a friend. Thanks you for your kindness!!!

  7. powerful story…

    bless her.
    Happy Day.

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