I poured every ounce of my soul into this…

Everyone needs a hero in their life…. here is mine –

video 2…. just a dilusion?   updated 2014:  It’s like I killed the only  thing that made me feel safe….. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ce3LZzZLz]

Video Poetry
By: ~L

36 responses to “I poured every ounce of my soul into this…

  1. Wow. What a great video. I am very impressed.

  2. Beautifully done! What an incredibly talented person you are,

    I hope this brought you another step along on your path to healing as you poured your soul into it..

  3. I’m so glad he was there for that Little One that needed him.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Layla! You are a true artist!

  5. Amazing, You are one very talented individual. I love this.

    • Thank you :)

      It’s like breathing for me to express like this… it’s too hard to use common words sometimes…. i often say – if this is how my mind sees it… then show what your mind sees to explain it.

      Thanks for your very sweet comment:)


  6. Godspeed in your journey.

  7. You have an amazing talent for this my love…I may get a little frustrated at the amount of time involved, but I am always very impressed by the finished product! I don’t know how you do it! :)

  8. I enjoyed your expressions very much. We are all on our separate journeys. Sometimes we touch as you have touched us. Thank you also for visiting my page.

  9. This was so powerful and gentle at the same time. I almost felt like you knew my situation, and I think that reveals how it speaks to the heart and human condition. Beautifully done. Bravo!!

  10. beautiful and also inspiring, you have a heart filled with many blessings and it comes through in this piece…

  11. What an amazing video, thank you so much for sharing :)

  12. Wow, this is amazing, thank you so much for sharing :)

  13. Excellent. There is no way on earth I could do anything like this.

  14. you def know how to tell a story through the images…really nicely done….love the feel and message in this…

  15. this video is so poignant… it brings back memories of one’s that I have lost.

  16. This is beautiful. Absolutely heartbreaking.

  17. Words … soooooo many words !!

  18. Hmmm? It’s not the easiest thing to understand.

  19. So… Do you have a therapist?

  20. WOW!!!! So touching!! Thank you..:)

To all that let me know your thoughts... I appreciate each one. Thank you for reading all my Untitledmoments. ~L

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