If you could, hold on for just a bit.

I am not sure how long yet, but I think it’s best if I take a break from posting new writes for for a bit.  I will still read when I can from my subscribers blog.

I am under an extreme amount of pressure and situational struggles that need my  attention.  It’s hard to make this decision because it is you, my readers who are very encouraging and affirming.  I appreciate each one of you and I’m very grateful for the kindness you have shown me.

I don’t know how long it will be?  …perhaps a week, two… or maybe a poem once every other week. (…through one up there for a Free Write Friday and just let it be, with out the pressure of the ‘rules’ of poetry.  Of course those rules are mostly my own set of standers and perhaps ridicules ones – but none the least… I allow it to suck me in to play the role of pressuring me to ‘do it just so’)

I will still be writing (always), yet for now it will be with pen and paper (and a sore hand) ;) Feel free to read previous posts and share your thoughts if you feel so led :) I just edited five posts that explain my story as best as it could be shared… so much that I even learned about myself re-reading them today… and you know you’re going through a slump when that happens.

You can catch up there or wherever when you want to. When your comments come across my phone throughout the day, they always give me a warm feeling that someone is caring at the moment enough to take the time to share their thoughts about reading something I wrote from my heart.

This is a good little break for me.  … again I will read your amazing blogs while I can… while I’m waiting in the waiting room for appointments, in the car when I pick of kids… when I’m in need of some moments of getting out of my head. OH!  …and the nights when I need a good read because I can’t sleep… I will be checking in on you all.  :)  I love reading your posts too.

With much appreciation as a girl can extend,


Oh, and P.S.  (I leave you with an amazing, amazing, amazing song… I hope you take the time to check it out)

Trusting, leaping out in faith, and learning. Oh! …  and my very favorite part of the song is at – 2:03.

Trying the best I can…  praying the words to this song.

40 responses to “If you could, hold on for just a bit.

  1. Dear L, sometimes we have to take a break. I just recently made the same decision, to take a break from writing. I hope you can get a good break, a good rest, and whenever you write again, it will be another refreshing and wonderful experience. Take care.

  2. I’ll miss you, but I totally understand. I admire you for having the strength to take the break, too!

  3. Stay well … and yes, i’ll read and send my love … melis

  4. Why is it that every time I come back to hopping around my favorite blogs, that is also the time you leave? :(

    • :( I didn’t know you read my blog :/ I am not leaving, just not going to be as active in writing new posts. You are more than welcome to catch up on older ones though:)


  5. oh dear. i hope you are not taking a break because of an onslaught of major depression? or something else that’s really bad … worried about you…. be well. reaching out to you to hold your hand. you’re not alone. do you have people helping you?

    • my heart just sunk. You are so extremely kind… and now it makes me not want to stop blogging because this shows how much it means to me that my readers care (and I very much so care about you all)!

      Yes, I am taking a break because something is really (can’t find the word… it’s a situation that is hard and I hope for it to get better soon… but it is going to get harder before that time comes.) I do have people helping me. Just recently I found two friends who have really communicated their support in helping me. I have a dedicated therapist who insists I make it through… (that’s a good thing… even though at times I disagree) I have parent figures in my life who encourage me through emails and texts. …and I guess there are other important people that play a role in this situation that are supportive… but they better figure it out sooner than later.

      It is myself that must learn to love and take care of me. It’s hard to do those things when you don’t love yourself like you should… and then I feel I don’t deserve the love or support… it’s a complicated and not good viscous circle.

      I honestly just feel like I’m not living up to the way I want to write (creatively) …I mean I could vent a few times a week… but I think it’s more of writers block or that I am writing the same thing over and over and over again. …but that is because I feel the same thing over and over and over again. :/

      So yes… It’s a complicated time and I could really use your prayers… and your most kind words gave me an encouragement I needed today. Thank you for your kindness, concern and support!!!


  6. i don’t know if it’s helpful, dear L, but maybe it could encourage you to read this post of mine from a while back, even if it is just to show you that you are not alone and that whatever you are going through is okay and whatever you want to write or think or say is okay. it’s all part of your healing process. you are going to be okay. you can do this. http://heikewrites.com/2011/09/28/this-is-my-story-and-i-own-it/ .

  7. Dear L – that was an awesome song; and please, you keep holding on, okay? Keep faith in that rising sun, because it will be there. I, too, suffer from depression, and am still working on the ‘loving myself’ thing, so I understand a little of what you feel. ((((Hugs)))) Sending you lots of positive energies, thoughts and prayers. Keep holding on. ~ Love, Julie xox

    • Julie,
      I am so extremely humbled that you and others here have opened their hearts and shared their own pain of depression and hurts too… and humbled by the kindness that you and others have shown me. You are very, very sweet with your positive energies and prayers!


  8. Hi ~L, I have been catching up on your blog posts today after not being on your site for awhile. Even in the past month of your posts, I have seen amazing growth in your writing. Sadly, what you say is not always pretty but it has to be said to help in your healing. It is always authentic, poignant, passionate, courageous, and speaks to the hearts of your readers in a very deep way.

    I hope whatever you are dealing with in the next while will result in renewed strength as you continue to fight the battles that many of us have never experienced and cannot comprehend. Hugs and wishes for you to come back with more insights on fighting the dragon. God’s blessings.

    • oh my goodness you are so sweet! I’m not sure what to do with all this encouragement… it feels good yet a bit strange (maybe undeserving) …but I extremely – from the bottom of my heart thank you very much for your words and your support of the few years… you are my most faithful reader you know;)


      • ~L, never think you are undeserving. You are a beautiful child of God, He loves you unconditionally and maybe your blogging buddies are angels He has sent to encourage you in some small way. And the gift of writing and faith He has given you is an inspiration to all of us, so we are blessed to be part of your life as you share from your heart.

        No, I didn’t know I was your most faithful reader – I guess all I can say is that it is an honor to have discovered you in the blogosphere. You have taught me more about hope, faith, determination and resilience than anyone else I have encountered in the online world. God will bring you through this phase of the journey and you will stand on the mountaintop and see how He led you through the valleys, knowing it is all through His strength.

  9. the journey to wellness, the path of healing, takes many twists and turns. Self care, knowing when to stop, when to breathe, surrounding yourself with those who care, all these matter. May angels surround you and keep you safe as the healing of your heart continues.

    • (smile) Your words “may angels surround you and keep you safe as the healing of your heart continues” Well… it brought a rushing emotion of courage and thankfulness as it’s important to be reminded that angels are present in this journey…

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!!!

  10. I pray that you will feel the loving arms of God around you as I pray for you during your WordPress sabbatical.

    • thanks Kristen… it’s more of a sabbatical from the pressure of having to write a poem or post or, or, or… it’s takes too much anxious energy for some reason lately. I will still be around to comment back and who knows how long:) maybe just a few weeks. I don’t know. :)

      Thanks for your prayers!!!! :)

  11. Sometimes we need to take a break (I’ve just come back from one). Life’s always throwing something at us that we need to give our full attention to. Have a good one and we’ll see you when you get back :)

    • You are a true kind spirit and even though I am jealous of your screen name (smile) I extremely think you are an amazing person. Thanks for the support!


  12. Take as much time you need. Your readers will be here waiting for you. Thank you for writing all those wonderful poems. I always enjoy reading them.

  13. Okay – Don’t feel responsible for us. Take care of yourself.

    But do post again when it’s right for you.


  14. Gonna miss you. Hope everything gets better nd will kp u in my prayers.

  15. After reading your enteries, you sound tired, I hope you use this time to rest, restore and connect. Be kind and nurture yourself. May you treat yourself with the same respect and kindness you treat your readers, and your friends. You’ve used your voice and your words, two of the most powerful tools you have in your journey in creating a life in the present that is so different than your past. May you discover that you have strength and courage you never realized you had. Create peace, and know we are here to walk with you, kammie

    • Wow… thank you so much for reading my complex heart. Your words are very kind and compassionate. I truly appreciate your words of wisdom!

  16. Wow look at all the love that surrounds you! can’t wait to spend more time on here – I’ll catch up, and by that time, you’ll be rested and back at it. I totally understand…I took a six-month break from FB! I wrote a book during that time! Who knows what you’ll accomplish? But please do NOT stop writing. :)
    PS Love that song!

  17. Hey L! sorry for not being able to comment on your posts all this time but my Grandmother passed away and i was not feeling upto anything..
    Anyways, i came to your blog after such a long time and was real sad that you are going away on a blogging-break.
    come back soon will you??
    meanwhile i will catch up with the posts that i missed. and this song was wonderful. absolutely wonderful. you honestly, have a HUGE hand in adding favorites to my playlist!! love you for that :)

  18. Do what’s best for you. We’ll be here when you return. Best, very best to you.

  19. Wow, Thank you!!

  20. Only if I can come there hug you and say am there for u for everything *huggggggggggggies*
    I wish u come back soon…i have had bad periods where I stopped writing…never do it…it makes it worse….write even if less….even if u dont and take long breaks….will find me here still :)

    Take loads of care girl :)

  21. I am glad you are taking the time you need. We will be here when you come back. “take care of you because no one else can” is my motto :)

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