“I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”

Crying for Heaven’s rainbow beams
Hell’s flames haunt my dreams

Child’s faith I once embraced
Along this path it’s been misplaced

Here I lie in a memory of red
awaiting bravery to move ahead

I’m afraid of a dark code
that lingers on this yellow brick road

It’s not that easy to click your heels
and just go home and heal

God if you’re listening…

Hold me by a thread if you must
as I learn to grieve and trust

Courage, wisdom and heart I need
This would be my greatest plea

I miss Your sacred touch
To the heights of the Heavens – that’s how much


47 responses to ““I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”

  1. Julie Catherine

    A powerful poem; I can feel the anguish and longing here … and I understand it. ((((Hugs)))) ~ Julie

    • It’s a wordless word when one understands the others anguish/pain… Thank you Julie for your read and your wonderful comments! ;)

  2. I love the picture.

    I wish I knew more about poetry and could say something intelligent about this. You will just have to settle for the knowledge that I like it.

    • No need to have to something that you feel is intelligent:) you saying that you liked will suit just fine:) Thank you for taking the time to let me know:)

  3. Nice write, L. He’s still there.

  4. pain and beauty – and the rhymes shine through. to the heights of heavens, thats how much :)

  5. deep feeling of a cry out to God to be kept safe and sound in his palms not to be left alone…
    amazing can read the underlying pain but also bravery…

  6. very powerful and clever write thank you so much x x

  7. “to the heights of the heavens, that much” clearly speaks of the height of your longing for His grace.
    praying that it will always be with you and also with “your reason” :) :)
    beautiful poem @L. i wanted to pick out a line and say how much i loved it. only to find that i loved ALL the lines :) every one of them :)
    you make your emotions speak in a strong and moving way… i love the way you write :)
    i LOVED this one :)

    • Sigh:) you are my blogging sunshine :) … Your encouragement and kindness always brings a smile to me. I thank you for sharing with me your thoughts and emotions… You are so very kind…


  8. Emotional and real. Nice write!

  9. You have articulated the cry of my heart!

  10. A well balanced poem. i loved reading it. The picture is also very nice.

    Thank you for visiting my haiku-blog about the poetry of Matsuo Basho, a haiku poet. I write haiku myself since the late eighties. The first (in English) was:

    a lonely flower
    my companion
    for one night

    As you can see, it’s not according to the classical way of haiku in which the syllable-count is 5-7-5 (three sentences). I write in the so called Kanshicho-style, a style which Basho initiated. In this style the classical 5-7-5 syllable count isn’t in order, because (as the above verse shows) the count could be 6-4-4 or maybe 8-12-3.

    Please come again, or visit my other haiku-blog at: http://chevrefeuilleshaikublog.blogspot.com/

  11. Eloquent. I think a lot of us go through this “Child’s faith I once embraced
    Along this path it’s been misplaced”. You’ve expressed that loss well here. The picture is awesome :)

  12. I love this…I too walk that yellow brick road…part fear-part brave-part doubt-part faith

    • ah, yes… we shall not leave that faith… the faith is what makes us stronger… it’s what fans the flam of bravery:) Thanks for letting me know your thoughts!

  13. Great rhyme and pacing, wonderful verse. Such loss but a little hope behind it too.

    • he who has not loss will never know what hope is… without hope why go on… I am glad you see my glimmer of hope… i suppose the story shall go on then:)

    • he who has not loss will never know what hope is… without hope why go on… I am glad you see my glimmer of hope… i suppose the story shall go on then:)

  14. Hold tight to God, He’ll not let you down. Liked this very much.

  15. excellent…there is a beautiful dance to your words…and how true it is not always easy to go home…and the yellow brick road carries hidden messages for sure…smiles.

  16. Beautiful composition indeed!:)

  17. Someone is always listening and in their invisible ways, always conspiring to help us along our way. We just have to believe. We are a product of what life does to us but, it doesn’t ever have to break us, we can try and re-shape our lives into how we wish for them to be, stronger for having learned what we have through having lived (and) survived it all.
    A lovely piece from you again.

    • Somewhere over the rainbow
      Way up high,
      There’s a land that I heard of
      Once in a lullaby.

      Somewhere over the rainbow
      Skies are blue,
      And the dreams that you dare to dream
      Really do come true.

      Someday I’ll wish upon a star
      And wake up where the clouds are far
      Behind me.
      Where troubles melt like lemon drops
      Away above the chimney tops
      That’s where you’ll find me.

      Somewhere over the rainbow
      Bluebirds fly.
      Birds fly over the rainbow.

      …someday… I just have to believe in those dreams and that the other side of the rainbow will be.

      Thank you for sharing your words!!! They really got me thinking!

  18. “Hold me by a thread if you must
    as I learn to grieve and trust” fav part… so powerful… learning to grieve & trust is so important! btw, I really do appreciate all of the kind words you left on a few of my poems yesterday. Thank you

  19. “I miss Your sacred touch” … I feel the same way.

  20. Fantastic post! Love the easy flow of the read, yet the power in the rhyme is surprising…and the image, LOVE

  21. You penned my feeling in a way and that is why I just loved it sooo very much.

  22. A lovely poem – full of honesty, feeling and courage.

  23. a lovely meditation.

    • Thanks:) That is my goal this week… meditation, being one in the moments… noticing the urges, thoughts and judgments… but not attaching myself to them and gently coming back to my moment of holy:)

  24. Wow, I can so relate to the times that I used to feel just like what you have described here!! It bites too be there, I know, but hold on to hope always and cling to the only One who can heal you through to healing!!!! His love covers all wounds, I promise you :) huge hugs, Terri

  25. I loved how you likened Dorothy’s journey to life–when we face uncertainties, we certainly need courage, wisdom, and a heart. :) well done

  26. oh honey I have been there, praying the same thing. I love how honest you write, you always touch me with your words. beautiful, strong piece of work here love! xoxoxoxox HUGS!!!

    my latest attempt at poetry

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