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Unthinkable injustice
more than mind can comprehend.
Unthinkable in every aspect
unthinkable without end.

Deep within the soul of a man
Dark and controlled – unthinkable

The need to measure and to weigh
the need for justice now prevails
As grain by grain of sand is placed
upon those waiting scales.

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Forgiving You

Forgiving You
By: ~L

Forgiving you was something I thought I would never do
Loving you was something that was crushed by disgust
Blaming you for it all became a tattoo
Appalled by the way you lived in disgust
And how you buried your head in the sand when you knew

For the first time this past year
I realized mom, that you have always loved your daughter
That you did the best you could in the unfathomable waters
Hiding the pain you felt in your high as you feared
It was the only way to survive the flooded dysfunction so severe

Your alcoholic husband and his spontaneous fits of rage
Were followed by the Two A.M Bar closing s inebriated
With his arrival back home the bomb had been detonated
His ego and control became his useful and intoxicating stage
And now this hot tempered man became exceedingly animated
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I Am Many

I am many
By: ~L

I am many
Stuck within one human body
Feeling the weight of each fear
Separate memories weaved
As they all Embody
Each tear
As nothing seems to be clear

It’s a confusing place
A reality I hesitate to face
A shame that no one will understand
What is trapped with in this vase

I skim life with hesitation
Worry I may fail
Dread I won’t live up to an expectation
Either to others
Or the me, and my many

Shame – guilt
Sealed in her basement
That has despondently been built

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Feed The Faith ~ Starve The Doubt

          Feed The Faith ~ Starve The Doubt

Light of Life

I know this last enduring flame may show some kind of hope…
But the binding fear and secret gloom
Have cast their deadly shadow

Amongst the darkness of sorrow and disbelief
Joined with solitude she’s left there to cope
She stores in her depth a morsel of hope
Yet it does not release this elevating grief

Feed the faith
Starve the doubt

The Hands of Time

The Hand Of Time

I have demons screaming in my mind
Ghosts of past haunting present time

My soul seems to be in a bind
and prayers have been denied
Oh, how I tried to trust…
To be faithful and not blind
This body has been too abused
And the night has been consequently unkind

Courage has been declined
My whole life has been entwined within
an atrocious crime
The clock has chimed
This one last time

Is there any way to unwind
The hands of time?

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