Storm Front

"Thunderstorms, Floods and Water fury"

The sky is gray
The leaves are blowing
The flower lies wilted on the ground

The birds are gone
Theirs no more singing
Till the floods have gone
And the storm withdrawn

The trail is lined with weeping willows
That whisper fury that has just passed by
Days are numbered with a great supply
Of rising waters that billow high

And the word moves on
And the nights grow cold
And winds blow strong
Against my soul
Take my hand and lead me on
As the thunderous storms prolong

Raging sky continues to perform
And the fury waters have found their home
I’ve become informed
By Mother Nature
To settle through as I transform

The lightning now faded
The prolonged thunderstorm paraded
I was left a bit jaded
As memories cascade upon debris
The fear has risen
Yet the healing is envisioned

The soil mourns
The hurt unfolds
The storm adorns
The aftermath and it’s long parole

Am I stuck here in these waters
Must I face it all alone
As the world moves on with their daughters
I tread these floods orphaned and disowned

The the world moves on
And the nights grow cold
And winds blow strong
Against my soul
Take my hand and lead me on
The wreckage of an aftermath

Katrina Damage 1

The aftermath brings the shock and the hard work to rebuild... the fatige has set in from weathering the storm... it's going to be a long recovery... but possible with love and strength. To rebuild alone... with years of damage is far to devastating. The unity of love must come...wont you come... IN THE AFTERMATH


23 responses to “Aftermath

  1. strong storms take away precious things,

    well done.
    Welcome to JP.

    have fun!

    • They take away much and leave much damage to be restored…. It takes time to rebuild a city…

      Thank you for the comment and the welcome;)

  2. Your poem is not one of defeat. It shows destruction, but hope fills your poem. I like your courage and how you face the aftermath. Your inner strength is beautiful. I hear your voice sweet and clear, hurt and wounded but not defeated. Like a phoenix you will rise, better and stronger. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. “I tread these floods orphaned and disowned” I love this line. There is such a sense of desolation in this peace, it really captures that sense of suspension and bated breath while we await the storm

  4. very powerful imagery, you convey well the feeling of aftermath

  5. whoah! the stanza before last…my goodness, I just loved it, awesome wording and powerful emotions for me. Enjoy the potluck!

  6. love the poem ~L …you are amazing with words.

    • Thanks dearest! You are amazing for all the things you do! Keep fighting… And when you feel like the day has brought to much and you can’t fight anymore… I will come alongside you and fight with you! Thanks for stopping by:). Goodnight my friend…

  7. A very cool write of the perseverence of humanity despite Mother Nature, it’s not often one reads of an aftermath that leaves a sense of determination rather than defeat….

    • The past two days I have felt so encouraged by many positive comments… I thank you so much for your encouraging words! I’m reading this right before I shut my iPad off and try to sleep… Your comment came at a perfect time as my mind often wanders and thinks if I will ever see a rebuilding of life in this aftermath. I’m now thinking very positive and reminded that I do have hope and determination! Thanks soooo much for your comment and stopping by…. Truly the perfect time to hear such words.

  8. Gret word artistry, wishing you well, and praying.

  9. Wow! This is an awesome poem! I don’t quite know how to comment on it…. It is as the others have said… I think Dan Roberson said it best.

    It seems as though this poem should be of a broken heart, but it’s not. It seems as though once you’ve finished reading it I should feel sad… or angry, or hurt for you. …but you’ve only left me feeling calm, content, actually kind of happy for you.

    The words aren’t really any special ones, and there’s really no pattern with the rhymes, that I can see. But the poem is fluid and graceful… it conveys meaning in every word, but subtly.

    Okay, okay. I’ll just admit it. This poem is so good that I don’t know how to describe it. And a simple, lame, “That’s great!” won’t do.

    • Wow…wow… Thank you!!!!! What a wonderful way to wake up! :)

      I am very A.D.D and passionate… So much of my stuff does not have a style other then my heart pouring into words ;). Thank you, thank you for stoping by and starting my day with a smile;).

  10. Beautiful writing. From the heart, it seems. Well done.

  11. LOve the picture at the top of the page, too!!

  12. something is wrong,
    time to move on.

    thanks for sharing, you rock.

  13. This moved me to tears. The courage and hope in the midst of pain and ruin is epic. Great work. Thanks for sharing.

    • this must be a God thing because I just… just got done listening to the song I attached to this and it moved me to tears… and then just as the song ended my ipad chimed saying i have a new comment. Our God is here… He is here in the aftermath.

      thanks for you comment:) Thanks for your realness:)

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