silenced screams

I want to scream aloud
all the pain that lies within
dig at my rejecting flesh
I can no longer stand to be with in!

I am screaming inside
at this darkness
for it to leave
pleading for it to flee!
be gone
go away
I want ‘me’ back

I can’t stand to be within this body
my soul is in great agony!!!
how long will this go on.
Am I alone the one to fix this?
Will someone come to lift me
I am falling
I am weak
I am sick of being

Their has to be another word
to make “screaming’ more profound…
It’s like the sound of death coming forth
from one burning alive from fire
or a mothers wail when she hears that
death has taken her child from her


I’m screaming!
does anyone hear me screaming?

NO… I know you don’t hear…
for these sounds are trapped…
too much pain to even gasp
these silent screams
the silent wails
as tears that trail
without fail
it never prevails

This is hell with in
I’m convinced
Depression is satan’s lingering flames
His relentless games
I am burning in pain
with silent screams
desperately trying to
break free from the silence
of unending sadness
and increasing madness

… no one can hear her screaming
when whispers and tears is all that is reviled.

~too many tears

This is it as well!!!! this is what set’s the flames a blaze…. the fall and rise… the fall and rise. click to read.

9 responses to “silenced screams

  1. You and I are the same in many ways – now. Our backgrounds couldn’t be more different. But I do feel for you.

    – Phoenix

  2. Wow…this is intense.

  3. Neutral Universe

    This is a great way of showing the emotion. I felt it. Deep within. Rushing within. And then it hit the ground with a loud bang.

    Have a nice day.

  4. hope all is well, today is a new day,

    pains and sadness shall all go away.


    • I just tweeted that it’s going to bea rock music day… Today the sun is shining and the air is warm… It’s time for a drive with the windows down :). Living each moment as they come…. Thanks so much…away the sadness goes for this moment:)

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