The Yellow Dress

Daddy bought her a beautiful birthday dress.
She twilled about in the summer’s breeze
singing and dancing amongst the trees.
Fields of flowers and butterflies caressed
as the summer day progressed.

This day was not what was thought to poses
It’s time to confess…
to address…

The darkness of that dress.



A time came when her
pale yellow dress
became forever imprinted
forever in a mess.
Where memories of an eager birthday girl
suddenly digressed.
The day faded
and night became an unforeseen affair.

Eyes sealed tight
there is no might
no remaining fight
tonight… there is no light

She closes her weary eyes tight
struggling her way back
there she sees her field
her butterflies yield
hope is reviled.


An innovative friend is born
as her heart is being torn
darkness had been enthroned
in a world that has been loaned
beauty is envisioned
yet evil has been gathered
Their nothing left to fathom

The sky above now painted gray
take me away
take back my wish I pray
I plead to be forgotten
I want to go back to play


The earth below dyed vile red
it flowed…
…she lie broken.
she feels dead.
For life has been forgotten

How could she address the innocent wish
Go back in time
Hush this mess
Never put on that dress

This was her prophecy
Her wish became a philosophy
taken in secrecy
bound in conspiracy

As she has been removed
From the yellow dress

45 responses to “The Yellow Dress

  1. There’s not much to say after reading someones secrete pain. It’s often hard for me to know what to say too… So I write it the only way I know… I wrote this at 4am because the words came to me as clear as day…. I know their is nothing pleasant about this poem…. But I’m sick of silence! I have nothing to be ashamed of… I did nothing wrong and titling these moments are somehow healing for me. It’s releasing what’s with in and finally telling the trapped little girl it’s time to be set free. It closure to a chapter…. And good bye needs to be said. And morning need to be done… It’s time for healing to take place.

    Thanks for visiting! How did you come across my blog?
    Thanks again!

  2. Girl, this is so good. There is a song that comes to mind by Linkin Park. It’s called “Shadow of the Day.” The first verse says this: “I close both locks below the window, I close both blinds and turn away, Sometimes solutions aren’t so simple, Sometimes goodbye’s the only way.”

    You are so strong to be able to do this. God is working behind the scenes. I just know it. :)

    • Thank you for the song! Music to me is always the way to end a thought… I can’t wait to listen to it!

      Thanks for you kind words again! It’s good to feel loved:)

  3. This hurts and heals at the same time. Your take on memory stilled and distilled to trauma is beautifully captured in your language.

  4. What a beautiful expression of such deep pain. Thank you for sharing your talent. Your words are always draw me in to paint a picture of what you are going through. * Hugs and Prayers *

    • Thank you dearest! We share a connection…. I always love reading your blog… Not because i like the heatach in it but it helps me not feel so alone.

  5. Your writings keep getting better & better (if that’s even possible). Love this!

  6. Thank you :'( I’m going to keep saying that. Thank u x 100

  7. Oh my… this is so full of pain and misery… I think that after going through such times, one can only hope for a life that is beyond lfe.. a life dotted with peace, where one does not feel the need to be happy or sad, to feel remorse or pain, to see joy or sorrow….. where one finds peace.. just peace

    beautifully written L..
    Much love to you..

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  9. I understand how something can be placed on a pedal-stool, but can be taken away because of foolery, and misguidance. What a wonderful poem.

  10. First, let me say you’ve done a fantastic job expressing such a raw and powerful emotion. One that is not easily expressed. Second, let me say that as I read my stomach grew ill, that is a compliment to the amount of talent that shows through in bringing those emotions to your reader. Third, Ditto what Jamie said.

    • Expressing raw emotion is like standing on a high dive…. This time it was my finger on the publish button….

      I thank you so much for letting me know your thoughts…. It inspires me to keep jumping off the high dive…. Thank you for stopping by:)

  11. beautifully written and terrible – the juxtaposition of the images adds to the sense of tearing… should I say well done ? Real poetry.

    • … Thank you! Hearing that someone besides me gets the words I write makes me start believing I just might have found something I’m good at and that no one can take it away….

      Thanks for reading! …and for taking the time to comment:)

  12. welcome to poets rally.

    breathe taking imagery, love your yellow dress mess idea.
    way to go,

    • Thanks…. A dress mess idea that comes from reality…. Writing seems to be an outlet to all the secrets….

      Thanks for commenting:)

  13. “Go back in time
    Hush this mess
    Never put on that dress”

    I LOVE that part!!!

    • Thanks… After I wrote that line and re read it I thought to myself, that’s when shame and guilt began to grow…. It’s been many years since that day and now as I lay in the aftermath I am realizing all the shame and guilt that does not belong to me and how I must undue this ‘mess’ and give it back to the rightful owners….

      Thanks so much for stoping by and for your comment…. It got me thinking today:).

  14. Like many have said, kinda in that not sure what to say frame of mind. Thank you for your words and the brilliant imagery, but most of all thank you for sharing:)

    • Thank you for stoping by:). I love your screen name:) sharing this poem was a hard thing for me to do… To show my self so naked…. I felt shame and guilt and then realized by pressing ‘publish’ I was releasing that falsified emotion…. Your welcome… Thanks for thanking me…. It means a lot:)

  15. Compelled to subscribe after reading your poem! Stunning verse.. !

    Puplumages is Purvi :)
    I am from ~

  16. except for the first picture none of them do justice to what you have written. somehow the other pictures takes the power away from it.

  17. It’s a good thing that the power is not in your interpretation…. The pictures go along with the story in the poem… The girl and boy is the invovaited friend…. My safe world I went to when the yellow dress was removed…. The blown out candle visually shows the wish floating away…. Or that it was wished but wished could take back. AND the last picture transferred the yellow dress into a the ballone… Symbolizing forever haunting memory that happens each time happy birthday is sung…. The black ballons lingered on that day 21 years ago…. But now it’s yellow that lingeres over each birthday…. I was clinging to hope…

    Justice…. I’m the only one that knows what is justified…. Those pictures say 10x what the words next to it does….

  18. This is powerful and wonderfully written. The pictures picked to go with it are equally so. Quality work

    • Thank you … You are so kind… Thanks for letting me know you like the pictures:). I looked for them for hours …. I’m a very visual person… Thanks so much for stopping by:)

  19. I pray you have found release in these words. Innocence crushed by a betrayal of trust is such a heavy burden to bear. Invariably the voice in our head causes us to blame ourselves. I am convinced that this was the very reason that Yeshua stated, “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.” I simply love that verse. May you recline in His rest. Shalom.

  20. Oops… I forgot to say how thoroughly I enjoyed this poem. Beautiful in its raw pain. I especially love the ending. Free at last!

  21. Spellbinding line: Her wish became a philosophy

  22. ugh…i knew this was going south…the beginning was so innocent…you about ripped my heart out through the middle as it made me think of the kids that i counsel and how they will detatch…if only we could go back and change the circumstances…really well written…

    • Thanks for comment! It is a sad poem… But after comes hope… Not all is tragic… But some is. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

  23. The emotion of this poem is so powerful and honest. Peace, Linda

  24. I cannot even begin to express how beautiful I find this! I would love for you to share this in my wish jar! And those images are amazing!!!!
    U have a new fan!

    • thanks:) This was the first poem I wrote and got what it is I need to express to heal… This was a start of a whole new style for me. Thank you so much! I’m not sure what you mean about sharing thin your wish jar but I think that sounds ok :) Thank you so much for letting me know your thoughts… it was very kind of you! :)

  25. Trust violated screams for answers, looks for a voice, struggles for an ear to understand.

    I think you have found them all with your poetry.

    You must write more and often.

    We will listen.

  26. There’s no purpose for tears if there’s no hope for healing, and true healing only can come through true grieving… I believe you have grasped that hope because you’ve acknowledged the pain and you’ve grieved well. And now you have the authority to minister comfort and healing to others who’ve gone through the same thing. God bless you dear. May you continue to experience His rest, his healing, his comfort… May you continue to know His heart and how much He loves you as your true Daddy. A Daddy who loves with unconditional love. Wild love. :) <3

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