waiting for angels


As a young girl I saw into a different world
I saw heaven
i felt the brush of angels wings
i smelled the air of a world where milk and honey flowed throughout
i walked on paths where sunlight came from the ground
from the towering tress
and many rivers

But as I saw this world and at times could go
i felt the coldness of rushing water
the smell of earth and fear
the pain to awful to explain

i was waiting for angels
I could at times feel them but never touch them
sometimes I could see them
but never experience their protection

i waited and waited
waited in pain
as the darkness of this world became a constant

Some may tell me the world of light was never real
how do you prove such a realm
how do you prove what you know is true in your heart
at times i wish my childhood faith would take me back
let me experience the warmth of the sun
as it came from earth and sky
where diamonds danced in the rivers that flowed
where water healed
instead of brought fear
where the evidence of angels surrounded

I knew that if I looked back
I would see a girl that looked like me…
but just couldn’t be so
such a nightmare just could not be
I would see her lying on the floor
cold and wet
shaking and bleeding

If i looked back down
this world above began to fade
I could feel the rushing wind from angels wings
the light began to disappear
and there she fell from heaven
back into the body of that little girl

back to waiting for angels
back to reality
of what was
what is
and what is to come

waiting for angles

5 responses to “waiting for angels

  1. Once again your voice casts a spell.

  2. ~L, you write so eloquently. In spite of the deep pain you have expressed, there is great beauty in your words that seems to transcend that pain.

    “You’re beautiful.” Remember those words.

  3. Oh my.. this is such a soulful poem, L… so beautifully written!
    The emotions leapt out at me as I was reading it…

    How our perspectives change as we grow… so many events influencing our minds… and how we wish we could go back to those innocent days of our lives once again..

    Felt this one, sweetie… really lovely!

To all that let me know your thoughts... I appreciate each one. Thank you for reading all my Untitledmoments. ~L

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