Scream The Rage

I will sing the pain, give voice to
the sadness of tearing flesh
and unending madness
I want what cannot be,
what you could never begin
to give to my lost and wounded soul.
Tell me that you lied
take it back if you must.
You cannot know, cannot begin
to feel the anger, pain and fury.
The deepest burning pits of hell
cannot contain the torment I felt.
I am guilty in the first degree of childhood lost
Sentenced by a Judas-court
the judge Satan himself.
I totally reject everything that
you ever did inside of me.
Throw it in your face, your
demon eyes that never leave,
your lies, and perverted grace.
I will sing the pain,
give voice to the madness of murdered hope
and unending sadness.
I will climb one more step out of shame.
There will be a day when you’re on trial…
Your jury… will be those who have seen the effects that your evil had on me.
And all will know who you really are.
The judge….
You better tremble because my God hates your god.
You can take back all you did to me
and go live with him in eternal flames!
…OH, and when you are begging for water…
remember that you used it all on me
when you tried downing my soul down the basement drain.

My fight song!

4 responses to “Scream The Rage

  1. hello… :) i want to share this with you… im looking forward to reading more poetry from your blog… :)

    check out the award at

    you’ll read your name in my blog…

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  3. This is powerful, you taken me to a court room as wide as the sky, and the imagery was amazing and loud… the universe was silent when you spoke… Hard hitting write, WS

    • My… Thank you for your boost in confidence of my writing… It’s always intriguing to know what people are thinking and feeling after they read one of my poems! Your comments are much appreciated!

To all that let me know your thoughts... I appreciate each one. Thank you for reading all my Untitledmoments. ~L

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