Recipe For Pain

1.12.2011 <recipes> 362/365


1 small child
1 evil monster
1 dark corner
1 whole heart
2 cups of darkness
4 cups  touches
1 cup pain
2 lbs tears
2 heaping table spoons of hate
4 tsp screams
3 tsp loneliness
*dash of frowns to add for taste



Mix together small child plus evil monster
place in dark corner and beat until stiff
crack open the heart remove all hope
separate innocence throw away the shell
slowly blend in one cup pain,
two cups darkness and two pounds of tears
Set this aside… wait for a while

Add two teaspoons of hate
two teaspoons of silent screams
Mix in touches… add some loneliness
sift in frowns, stir until numb, remove all trust
Add remaining innocence

*Directions correctly followed and you will soon see
Fear was created in this kitchen of nightmares
A tormented Child… a soul lost
by dirty hands and unwanted touches


22 responses to “Recipe For Pain

  1. Well, thank you! I think that sometimes the world just needs to see how destructive it can be when you throw in ingredients like this together… at first I thought it is TMI for the world to read(or the very few who will ever read my blogs LOL) … but how our we to make aware of abuse if we don’t talk about it. Thank you very much for your kind post… I hesitate on what to share … I guess if no one knows who I am I am okay with opening up my heart a little…

  2. I absolutely love this poem! You are obviously extremely gifted in your ability to write. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi there, I really enjoyed this post. I’ve just started up a site and making rather diverse articles. Would you mind if I write about this article? Of course I will provide you and this post due credit and add a link to this page , thank you.

  4. Plumb … haven’t heard them in a long time … I still have one song on my iPod by them: “Cut”. A different pain, but one they also expressed SO well. BTW I applaud your honesty and willingness to share your experiences, for indeed, you never know, you may just touch someone else’s life for the good. I had a short Chorus I wrote years ago and never did anything else with called “This Side of Eternity” with this same idea. We just never know who we touch or what effect we have on people (hopefully for the good, not the hurtful and bad of course)

  5. our recipe for pain really hurts..
    don’t be scared, L. we’re all here for you ..
    thanks for sharing. the video is nice, too…

    • You are truly a great person! Thank you for your support you bellpepper lover you =)
      I personally love orange bell peppers;) Your comments mean a lot! Thank you!

  6. it was really, scary and horrible. wonderfully written. hope it never happens to any child.

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  8. So deep…so real. The pain seems to come back as i keep reading…one who thought she had healed is realizing…realizing ….will they ever heal.

  9. I have read your “Recipe for Pain” and all I can see is a much cluttered kitchen! The first of the ingredients, the cute and innocent child… heaping and scarred for life… Do we first let her grow sufficiently, before we tell her not-to-give-up on man? Do we just throw her in the blender and hide her tears… mixing it with her painful thoughts…and so exceeding the recommended measure for salt? Or do we just simply softly pat her on her back… and let her know, we all know of her dark and painful moments…? No! We don’t and we would never know either… for there’re pains that cannot be transferred from one flesh onto the other, nor could we ever heal the rude awakening inflicted on a beautiful and innocent child and specially not with syrupy and tender pats…

    I cannot promise I will turn into a baker…your recipe makes a man’s eyes tender and feel ashamed of being a man… but I pledge to frame it, as a badge of shame and with much gusto rest it on my wall for everyone to see, to read, and to only imagine, for no one can feel… that sweet little child’s pains. To everyone to remember, and to pass on to our son’s and to every “Man” walking the face of the earth… that each of our actions do-have-consequences and that the sweetest of cookies should only be sprinkled with love!

    “L” You’re awesome! Your “Recipe for Pain” was the recipe for a Poem… which you have baked so movingly well!

    I will also like to ask for your kind permission to “Quote” and to link your poems to my pages, for you have messages to leave along your journey for all to read about… which in my thoughts… should Bless everybody’s kitchen!

    If you consent… please, let me know at my email address:

  10. Your kindness has moved me at a most needed moment. Thank you for writting from your heart. I will charrish this comment for days and perhaps the rest of my life. Yes, you may share this poem. Bringing awarness to abuse is something that more people need to do. Again, thank you for your kind words!!!!!

  11. Gifted doesn’t begin to describe you. The emotion behind this must be horrific and raw yet you present it beautifully, poetically, clearly and simply.

    Your talent really does need to be shared. I’m only sorry for what you must have gone through to come to these words.

    My heart is with you.

    – Phoenix

    • thank you for your kindness! At the moment as i am walking the edge of life or death… it is your words that reminds me that I may just have a reason to go on and fight. Thank you for your honest kindness… really!

      • And thank you for yours. Together we’re all stronger and the pains we share feel lessened when we know we’re not alone.

        I’m here for you.

        – Phoenix

  12. Christina Mercer

    You’ve managed to say something that I’ve never been able to. I admire you so much for that. I know it must taken so much strength to let this out… I really don’t know how to express how much this means to me.

    Thank you so much for writing this.


  13. Christina… I guess i’m a little speechless. I am glad that it meant that much to you and touched you so. It’s a journey of ups and downs… accomplishments and set backs… a journey full of hope and hopelessness… fear and faith… doubt and pain… and yet joy at times. I hope you keep reading and find a few more that you can relate to. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. This poem is a masterpiece dish… Very well done… Thank you much appreciated. WS

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