Video Poetry By: ~L

Thanks for stopping by to watch Video Poetry By: ~L
My safe place-

Just a Delusion? 

Take It all Away…

The game of Memory


Nothing easy about this… raw emotion screaming this pain 

memories collide… raw reality…. (password protectd)  

This is a bit twisted and and raw… I’m just so damn angry… Here it is…. 

There Will Be A Day – By: ~L

She Dreams – By: ~L

Hold On- By: ~L

You Make Beautiful Things From The Dust – By: ~L

Children Of The Dark – By: ~L 

6 responses to “Video Poetry By: ~L

  1. I had tears in my eyes after seeing and listening to hold on. Im IN LOVE WITH IT. i really want to download it… can it find it on the net?? I just cant stop listening to it… its so… beautiful… heart-touching lyrics and such a beautiful voice… you are awesome… :)

  2. i really love your blog. every post is very touching and beautiful. i am really glad i found it :)
    and i got the song.
    can i share it on my blog so that my friends can see your awesome video poetry too??

    • Your words have blessed me this morning. I was having one of those mornings where it was just blah, and kinda wanted to stay in bed. A few weeks ago my YouTube account was completely deleted because I closed my old G mail account and didn’t realize it would delete all my videos attached to that account… so I thank you soooo much for your words to me today because they have humbled me and have made me realize that it is not about all the hits/views on the videos but that if it touches even just one person that is all that matters!

      You are more then welcome, and yes, oh course you may share the video:)

      much thanks! ~~L

  3. oh i am SO glad that i came of some use!!! you know what, i feel a curios sense of release when i come to your blog :)
    and yes you definitely touched me. no doubts on that!! consider me your regular fan from now on :)
    once again thanks for these awesome videos :)

  4. i actually dont have a FB account. but you can visit my blog if you are interested :)

To all that let me know your thoughts... I appreciate each one. Thank you for reading all my Untitledmoments. ~L

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