I fell a Sleep…

I prayed
blinked my eyes a few
my eyes grew heavy
the clock said 11:42
I fell a sleep with peace so true
with hope as my levy
I fell asleep with faith in view

I fell asleep with my hand resting on my face

I awoke in a terror disgrace
a great fear grew
I saw her face
my mind now in review
I was frozen in place
my voice withdrew
and then I remembered my embrace

my hand hadn’t moved from my face

I prayed
blinked my eyes a few
my eyes grew heavy
the clock said 2:22
I went to sleep with peace anew
hope stood true with its levy
I fell asleep with faith that grew

…as thy hand never left my face


(i typed this with one hand on my ipad… as my hand really never left my face. my eyes are truly heavy… and i really feel safe and with peace… Now pressing publish… gnd)

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7 responses to “I fell a Sleep…

  1. Wow, emotions were felt all the way here


  3. Peace is a gift to be cherished. The hand on your face is often on my shoulder as I write. He watches us sleep.
    Beautiful writing! I love it!

    • thank you… it is ultimately God’s hand’s i rest in… but a friend once told me to put my hand on my face (via phone) i thought it was a bit crazy… and then my friend aked if I did it and I said yes… and then said even when I’m not there I’m there… if it helps every time you need to know I’m here… just put your hand on your face… and know that I want to be there. That person has taught me how God’s love is always there! and how his hands are there even when we don’t see them….. sometimes they are holding hurt and pain but they are there….. so for me I do it and remember what my friend said… and fall a sleep praying to my God thanking our Creator for putting friends like that in our lives to show us what Godly love is:)

      Thanks for you comment!!!! I need to stop by and read some more of your blog… but it is now nearing 7am and I have not slept:) so… i better get a few hours in before my kids wake up :) LOL

  4. Your poem and comment made me understand a new concept. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. bless you.

    keep positive thoughts, ..

    Thanks for sharing…