The morning sun has come over the horizon

The morning sun has come over the horizon
and I have faced my most obsessed demon’s once again

Here I stand at the very edge of this lustful shore.
my soul has been tossed into this raging sea

I faced the dark sea of deep and dirty monsters
and once again I faced it with all might

Reminding myself, “I shall not drown”
Reassuring my spirit… Victory is near

I watched as the waves swallowed me whole
As nature allowed devastation to uphold

Oh, my God
My friend

Almighty Ruler
of Land and Sea

Calm these storms
Heal my spirit from oppression

It’s dark and cold
My body fatigued

Hold me a float
Create a bed of rest for your wary chid

Feed my week body
mend my soul

With the rising dawn
Bless me with a steadfast courage to start over again

The morning sun has come and gone….
and here I stand again

faced with my most obsessed demon’s once again

Not forgetting when I sail to the far side of the Sea
You will be there

8 responses to “The morning sun has come over the horizon

  1. This is so beautiful!

  2. inviting imagery, love the word flow.

  3. The way you write with such passion gives me chills. You express how you feel and it hurts. You seem to scream your pain as if no one is listening and then by the end of the poem you remind yourself that your god is still by your side. I love this poem.

  4. I absolutely love this poem. I don’t feel this hopeless often – but I do know exactly how you feel. It’s strange too, that such a dramatic feeling can come and linger over head and feel crushing, then suddenly break and leave a clear, spacious aura for a while – then return.
    God is so good to nourish our souls. Coming from an eating disorder, it is helpful for me to remember that He feeds me.

  5. This was an awesome piece!! God is good and He is always with us. It took me a long time, but I learned that He never gives us more than we can bear and everything we go through He uses it for good in our lives. Because of these trials and tribulations I stand straighter and am stronger and all because, instead of trying to do it all on my own, I totally leaned on Him. Blessings in Christ Jesus.

  6. powerful and heartfelt words, love it.


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