Healing Rain

This song has always been a favorite.  It spoke to me as it started raining  this past July…  I just had to go out and “be washed in Heaven’s rain” (emotional)   …”to stand in Summer’s rain. I will never forget this moment.  It was a healing moment for my soul.  I was blessed enough that it was all captured behind a camera!  This video is what I like to call ‘Video Poetry’.  Words could not describe what that moment was… so here is my moment for you in the form of ‘Video Poetry’.

Healing Rain

                         By: ~L

Most Pictures were taken by my Step-daughter and some myself.  Hope you enjoyed ;)

29 responses to “Healing Rain

  1. Beautiful. I Love the healing rain!

  2. musical stuff entertains, bless you, have a lovely day.

  3. Igor Marinovsky

    Great songs!

  4. it’s raining in this side of the world. love the songs. :)

  5. Powerful and beautifully made videos

  6. Great songs and beautifully done videos!

  7. Nice music and videos. Make me feel better even though I’m so fed up with rain already. I miss the Sun… ;)

  8. Just wanted to mention… My favorite among songs concerning rain is A-ha’s ‘Crying in the rain’. Can’t help crying when I hear it!

  9. There is a depth of sadness to this that brings an intensity this beautifully crafted video poem. Piercing through the sadness, though is a radiant hope like a balm of faith and sureness that healing will come. That is something I can identify with strongly and I would love to hear more about your story. xx

    • Zoe,

      Your words touch me deeply. Thank you for sharing your heart… It makes me feel a joy to know that someone sees that hope and faith… relating with one somehow helps heal the soul, eah? Thanks for your comment… it meant a lot to me tonight!


  10. I’m crying again. This was the first time I’d heard this song and I loved the video. There is so much healing to be done, not just in me, but in so many others and I pray God’s healing rain mercy and grace on each and everyone of them. This was beautiful and I want to thank you so much for sharing. May God bless you in an amazingly, wonderful way.


    • Your words are so very kind… I am humbled that you loved the video and song. Your are so very welcome… but I believe it is God who touched you in the way that brought real emotions to your soul. You as well, be blessed today:)


  11. Thanks a lot friend .. this songs entered my ears as the medicine..I got it when it was needed..God knew this..He made you as an instrument to deliver me the thing I wanted really..Thanks again friend..

    • You are so welcome… God is evident in ways that are unexplainable… Realizing that more and more lately!

      Thanks for sharing your heart!

  12. Strong, commanding and formidable seem like small words for the power that I felt with this video. It was mesmerizing and engulfing. A wonderful poem of touching words to go with the video. This was superb. I have listened to it several times more before I commented since I enjoyed it so much.

    • I truly am humbled by how God used this special moment in my life to touch the hearts of others. Thank you so much for sharing your words with me.

      Blessings to you as well!

  13. I just love MW Smith! Thanks for this, and for your blog visit. I had a lot more of my work on the blog, work from 2010-2011 ,but had to take it off because it is getting published this March in Carry On Dancing! (woo hoo!) But there are still a few fan favourites that I have left up that should give you a feel for my writing. Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting!

  14. love it, the title itself heals.


  15. I watched this and commented on it back in July of last year; I just watched it again, and am very moved by the song and the video. I’m posting it on my FB page, and if you don’t mind, I’d like to share it on my blog one day next week.

  16. This moved me to tears, which like the rain, can be healing. Thank you for this lovely video poetry.

  17. incredible beauty.


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