The reality is… in my reality you can’t come

wishing you could come...

Won’t you come?

Keep me safe in the darkness
As shadows rise
and memories begin to flood my eyes
Won’t you come?

Let the safety of your hand
resting on my shoulder bring comfort
It is needed much
I wish for a gentle touch
Alone this is too much to confront
Won’t you come?

I just can't be alone with my eyes are closed

When I close my eyes
The movie trailer becomes
And all I want to do is die
As the many awful memories
Are behind each and every sigh
I am not sure I can do this alone
This hurt is too hard on my own
Won’t you come?

Take me to a safer place
I’m in need of some peace
I sense reality is about to increase
I am so very unprepared to release
Won’t you come?

Take the darkness away
I’m in need of your safety
As the memories are underway
I long for you wisdom in words to convey
“It’s going to be okay”
Won’t you come?

I don’t feel safe to cry
I’m drowning in unshed tears.
They seem to be dry
Yet it’s essential to speak goodbye
I feel a betrayal of myself
to allow gravity to adhere
Won’t you come?

I’m numb to feel the pain of yesterdays
I don’t want to be alone
when the shock wears off and the memories are full as they begin to spin
Won’t you come?

As I bury my head in my lap
And weep the reality away
No longer entrapped
As I fearfully
and courageously recap
The pain in my mind
Just one time
Won’t you come?

Words only you know what to say
that will drown out the sadness of that day
Make me feel less crazy inside
You make me believe in myself
As you stand by my side
Won’t you come?

What I wish for…  has been painfully removed
As time passes by
And I wait in agonizing anxiousness
As the unspeakable truth is about to set in
I need your comfort to be near
To be the sun
When evil is spun
When the clouds are glum
I need for you to come

Oh, how I wish you could come
I can’t even feel

The reality is
In my reality you can’t come

3 responses to “The reality is… in my reality you can’t come

  1. I can feel the weight of agony expressed so deeply in the poem…reminds me of a Psalm. I hope that you receive peace and comfort.

  2. Yeah…. Maybe… Sigh… Thanks.

To all that let me know your thoughts... I appreciate each one. Thank you for reading all my Untitledmoments. ~L

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