No more darkness…

Finsternis Natur

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Darkness may think it has frightened any remaining light.
However I see shadows all around.
Is it not said that a shadow proves the existence of light?

Stay in the light
Burn the fear
Set a blaze to the overwhelming doubt.
Release all the pain

Free the sadness
and never think that mourning this atrocity
makes you less…
Never think that your tears will cultivate the darkness yet again

For what once added minutes to the clock
can no longer increase the torture you endured
His control over you has diminished
All that is left is his resounding lies
Lies… lies… lies!

The tears…
Those tears make you free child
Free to sing from the depths of your soul
Free to embrace the colors of the earth..
As you once did before he took them and darkened your world!

Be brave Layla
Fight for your voice.
God didn’t make you loud to stay in silence
He did not make you stubborn to disregard your value
He gave you a passionate spirit
to believe, behave and be moved in the Creators’ faith.
Starve that doubt
And feed the faith
Don’t be moved by uncertainty
Don’t be encouraged by the fear of evil
But embark on the Passion
that God has so faithfully fashioned in your life.

When the darkness seems to surround you
Remember that the Fathers love is like a fire
It burns for all to see
to see the beauty He created!

When the darkness is all that you may see
Let His glory light your way.
When the doubt overwhelms your mind
Be reminded ,that forever Your love oh, Lord is enough!

Darkness you are no longer welcome
In His name I am set free from the curse that monster put on me
In His name I am free to be the real me
In His name I am free to speak the ugly truth

No more darkness
No more shame
No more hidden tears

Today I set fire to the underworld
And the grip it has had on me
Today I am no longer a child of the night
But a child of the light
Spreading my wings in the freedom of this fight.

6 responses to “No more darkness…

  1. Layla…I am touched by what I have just read. Even more though, I am inspired by the depth of courage you display in facing your “demons” and recognizing that you have been, and always will be a child of the Light…a forever child of God…one who is valued, loved, cherished. I am praying for your healing my sweet friend, Judy xo

  2. So beautiful and moving layla. You are so talented and so strong. Your faith shines so brightly and its what I admire most about you. I love you!

  3. this is beautiful! I’m touched by the honest words you’ve shared.

  4. ~L! YOU ARE AN ANGEL! period …

  5. And thank you for the incredible music.

To all that let me know your thoughts... I appreciate each one. Thank you for reading all my Untitledmoments. ~L

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